Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Splash in the face"!!!

Hey Guys,
So this morning I woke up twice from my mom and I thought I was dreaming. (so I go back to sleep.)
Then my brother decides to wake me up (and I'm like whatever.),So he gets a cup fills it with water and... (I think you know the rest :) )
Right now I'm going to eat some pancakes, do my school work, and go on a photo shoot with my mom (and the water pourer)!!! (lol)
Oh, I'm so excited b/c I'm going to the beach with some friends from back home!!!! (w\o my parents)
But I'm going with the water pourer!!!!! (jk i luv u bubbie!!)
Leave me a comment and tell me what ur doing this summer!!!!
see ya,

Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's Get Crazy!!!

Hi fellow bloggers!!!
So you all know about the new Hannah Montana movie.
It's not all that fab.(I saw it yesterday)
I should have probably gone to see Monsters vs. Aliens.(you were right Sheila!!!)
I mean don't get me wrong, it's a pretty good but it's nothing like the tv show!!!!!!!
Some parts are great and others I can't even remember!!!
But here's one of my fave songs by HM!!!

There are some clips of the movie in this video!!!!
The part I like the most is the shoe fight with Tyra Banks!!!!!! (lol)!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this week I get to go home!!!!!!!!
This Thurs. I'm heading to the mountains!!!!!
Yes I'm a mountain girl!!!
I would take mountians in the Fall over anything!!!!! (except God and his Son)
Well g2g, time for brunch!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

"The Morning Report"

Hey guys.
Sorry I've not been blogging in a while.
So I need surgery for my scoliosis and that will be on the 23rd.
For those of you who don't know what scoliosis is well click on scoliosis.
And for those of you who don't know about the "Morning Report" here it is...

I love the "Lion King"!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I now have "Blog Stalkers".
And some of you are going "UUUUUUUUHHHHHH isn't that bad?".
Well I know who they are and it's not bad at all.
See I'm going to a new church and they're all into blogging so they said they're my "Blog Stalkers".
And they just look at my blog and comment. (nice stuff)
btw I hope your leg feels better Derek.
And Claude and Sheila I'll see you in a few Sundays!!!!!!!
Well I'll talk to you guys l8r.
Jordan Journals

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Condition

Here is a poem I wrote tonight.

My Condition

My back aches
and sometimes my head
I may end up
in a hospital bed

But when I'm in that bed
my spine will be straight up and down
unlike an S curve
that is curved all around

I have a condition
No, its not from being fat
Nor from poor posture
or just laying flat!

Its called scoliosis
and I'm not the only one
with a spine that's an S
or a cresent shaped one

Monday, October 20, 2008

throat ugh!!!/Dancing with the stars

Hi everyone,
Today has been long but short.
This morning I woke up at 4 something feeling HOT!!!!!!!
I turned my ceiling fan off and tried to go back to sleep (but not successful).
Well I noticed my throat felt burny and scratchy.
So I watched tv 'till 6.
Then my mom and dad got up and my mom gave me throat medicine.
And snuggled with her 'till 10.
So just pray!!!!!!!
I've had 6 tbsp of medicine and I can only have up to 8.
And my throat BURNS!!!!!!!!!!
I'm excited b/c Dancing with the stars comes on tonight and I love that show!!!!!
My favorite ones are Brooke Burke, Cody Linley,Susan Lucci,& Lace Bass.
Well thats all for now.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Throwback Thursday

I haven't done a Throwback Thursday, but here it goes.


This is my mom.  I wish I could become half the woman she is.  She's amazing.


This is my cousin.  She's awesome because she is so caring, helpful, and kind.  She's really good at volleyball too!

Jordan at 2 yrs

This is me. I'm a lot older now, but you have to admit this pic is cute. :) I love Jesus, my family, and horseback riding.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Youtube find.

Well i was browsing around on youtube.
Then I looked at America's Got Talent video's and I found this one.
I love it.

What if they did their music for the glory of God?
That would be Amazing!!!!!!!!!