Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Throwback Thursday

I haven't done a Throwback Thursday, but here it goes.


This is my mom.  I wish I could become half the woman she is.  She's amazing.


This is my cousin.  She's awesome because she is so caring, helpful, and kind.  She's really good at volleyball too!

Jordan at 2 yrs

This is me. I'm a lot older now, but you have to admit this pic is cute. :) I love Jesus, my family, and horseback riding.


Jenn said...

Love you baby girl!

Kalle said...

Pretty cute back then and very pretty now :) Great first throwback!

Jordan's Journaling said...


Porygonlover322 said...

I remember that young Jordan!

Jordan's Journaling said...

lol thx porygonluvr