Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Splash in the face"!!!

Hey Guys,
So this morning I woke up twice from my mom and I thought I was dreaming. (so I go back to sleep.)
Then my brother decides to wake me up (and I'm like whatever.),So he gets a cup fills it with water and... (I think you know the rest :) )
Right now I'm going to eat some pancakes, do my school work, and go on a photo shoot with my mom (and the water pourer)!!! (lol)
Oh, I'm so excited b/c I'm going to the beach with some friends from back home!!!! (w\o my parents)
But I'm going with the water pourer!!!!! (jk i luv u bubbie!!)
Leave me a comment and tell me what ur doing this summer!!!!
see ya,

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